Praxis – Interactive web-based training on core laboratory skills

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Learning Science and the UK National Measurement Laboratory, hosted at LGC, have jointly developed an interactive web-based training course on core laboratory skills. Praxis supports blended learning across a wide range of sectors and educational levels.

Praxis is an interactive training package for analytical scientists, ideal for induction or refresher training, and suitable for providing support for those looking for new career paths. Praxis allows users to apply their understanding to real-life scenarios and practice their techniques in the safety of a virtual setting.

Practice and perfect core laboratory skills online, anytime, anywhere!

Develop and demonstrate competence in a range of essential techniques:

  • Measuring Mass
  • Measuring Volume
  • Measuring pH
  • Preparing solutions

Benefits for individuals

Independent learning with interactive simulations, videos, reading materials, and assessments, that let you practice techniques, make decisions and get feedback to develop understanding.

Benefits for the laboratory

Praxis provides consistent expert training, recording lab skills and competencies for personal development or monitoring team performance, and identifying further training needs. 

  • Practice skills before entering the laboratory
  • Receive feedback
  • Consistent training across teams
  • Enhance understanding of standard operating procedures
  • End of module assessment
  • Engaging, interactive resources
  • Step-by-step measurement procedures
  • Embed best practice

Praxis was developed in collaboration with Learning Science and the National Measurement Laboratory at LGC, with additional funding from DSIT.