Contract research

Our wide range of state of the art analytical platforms and unique understanding of measurement across multiple sectors, enables our measurement scientists to offer innovative solutions to complex clinical and industrial measurement challenges.

We can develop targeted or un-targeted methodologies for quantitative measurements or profiling of your samples.

We can provide instrument evaluation and consultancy to select the most suitable solution for your applications.

Working with you to solve your measurement challenge or as a research partner, our solutions typically follow a four-phase process.

Phase I - Discussion

  • Understand your requirements
  • Identify approach(es)
  • Scope method
  • Propose feasibility study
  • Assess likelihood of success

Phase II – Evaluation and feasibility

  • Short term study
  • Evaluate different methodologies
  • Select suitable methodology
  • Determine feasibility of project

 Phase III – Development and validation

  • Develop selected methodology
  • Meet all customer requirements
  • Validate (depending on your requirements)
  • Report (results and methodology)
  • Determine whether further support required

Phase IV – Support

  • On-call analytical service
  • Method transfer and training