Today’s physicians do not have sufficiently fast or accurate diagnostic tools to identify and manage septic patients. Faster and more accurate tests are needed to diagnose and guide treatment of sepsis. Metrological support is needed to improve the performance of existing methods and enable the efficient translation of new near patient solutions.


The overall aim of European-funded (EMPIR) project SEPTIMET is to improve the speed, accuracy and reproducibility of diagnostic tests for the identification and treatment of sepsis. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition where time to diagnosis is critical to patient outcome. This clinically driven project will develop and characterise reference systems to support confident application of existing tests and investigate metrological support required by new, innovative approaches that offer the next generation of diagnostic solutions. Moreover, the outcomes of the project will also support IVD manufacturers in meeting developments in EU diagnostic regulation.

The Consortium

The consortium delivering SEPTIMET brings together 12 partners from 7 countries.

It consists of:

  • six National Measurements Institutes/Designated Institutes (LGC, LNE, METAS, NIB, NPL, PTB)
  • four hospitals (APHP, GOSH, MUW, RSCH)
  • one universitiy (BGU)
  • one research institute (CEA)