About NML

In the world, measurement affects everything from food and drink to life changing medicines. Chemical and biological measurements occur routinely without many people being aware of them, helping to save lives and enable research.


Who are we?

As the National Measurement Laboratory (NML), hosted at LGC, we are the UK's Designated Institute for chemical and biological measurement and support the work of the Government Chemist. We predominantly deliver measurement research, enabling us to offer reference materials, calibration facilities and services as well as specialised advice and training. Our work has a significant impact both internationally and nationally.


We are recognised world leaders in chemical and biological measurement. We play a leading role internationally to standardise measurements across the world helping to foster innovation, promoting productivity and economic growth. This ensures measurements are comparable regardless of when or where they are made.


We provide a unique function to the UK. We work in partnership with our stakeholders to provide the expertise and knowledge to improve chemical and biological measurements across life sciences, green industries, and food sectors, resulting in reliable, trusted and proven answers to the most complex scientific issues.


Our work makes a difference. Whether our measurement research supports health, food, environmental sustainability, or security, it underpins some of the biggest challenges of our time.