Our measurement services

Accurate measurements underpin product safety and quality and ensure consumer confidence. These measurements can often be challenging due to the complexity of the sample matrix or particular analyte properties, such as ultra-low concentrations or chemical form.

At the NML at LGC, we specialise in the development, validation of these challenging measurements. We also have a wide range of accredited methods for wide range of analytes and matrices. Our expert team will work with you to understand your needs and propose and deliver innovative measurement solutions in accordance with your budget, timeline and quality requirements.

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Our services include

Our unique features

  • UK National Measurement Laboratory (NML) for chemical and bio-measurement
  • Supporting the work of the UK Government Chemist
  • One of the leading measurement institutes globally
  • Over 170 years’ experience in analytical science
  • Over 100 papers and conference presentations published and presented each year

Our unique measurement capabilities

Our customers

  • Government, medical, pharma, food, consumer products, industry, academia and reference material producers
  • We score highly for scientific capability, quality, flexibility and delivery (95% - 2017-2018 customer survey)
  • Dedicated account manager to ensure effective understanding of your requirements and regular communication