Science for a Safer World

LGC is a global leader in the life sciences sector; our scientific tools and solutions are essential to our customers’ goals in improving human healthcare, agri-food technology and the environment.

Viral epidemics and pandemics


We help assay developers and clinical labs respond to outbreaks like coronavirus, Ebola and Zika. Our AccuPlex recombinant viral materials are safe to handle and non-infectious, while resembling complex clinical virus targets, making them a crucial tool in developing effective solutions to fight infectious disease epidemics like COVID-19.

LGC's response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Food safety city


LGC provides proficiency testing schemes to help monitor the quality and accuracy of the testing which is carried out in Xiamen, one of the largest food and drink export hubs in the world.

Innovation in nucleic acid therapies


Through our nucleic acid chemistry capabilities, we enable healthcare professionals to develop new therapies, which transform the quality of life for patients. Our oligo components, probes and primers enable detection and development of vaccines for illnesses like COVID-19.

Improving farming productivity


We partner with agricultural biotechnology companies to solve the productivity challenge that sits at the heart of the global food supply problem. Our range of products and services help accelerate breeding decisions in an efficient and cost-effective manner, such as identifying new plant varieties.