Introduction to method validation for biologists

This course can be delivered as an online course or as an onsite course at your own location. To discuss your requirements please contact us.

Method validation studies are essential for establishing the quality of measurement data. Validation is the formal process that provides objective evidence that methods of analysis are fit for purpose, and its importance is reflected by its inclusion in laboratory accreditation standards and other sectoral regulations and directives. This course offers an introduction to the key principles of validation for biological analysis and provides guidance on planning effective validation studies.

What are the benefits?

This course will help you:

  • Understand the general principles and importance of method validation
  • Identify the relevant parameters for evaluating method performance
  • Plan suitable validation studies
  • Understand how to evaluate data from validation studies effectively.


The course will cover:

  • Introduction to method validation
  • Selecting and evaluating the appropriate method performance parameters
  • Defining the validation criteria for different parameters
  • A validation case study.

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Who should attend?

The course is aimed at biological scientists and laboratory managers who are involved with the assessment and development of methods employing molecular biology techniques. It is suitable for those with limited or no previous experience of statistics.