LGC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

LGC’s COVID-19 activities
Underpinned by its world-leading measurement science, LGC’s COVID-19 response includes provision of critical test components, quality control solutions and contribution to international standards and research.

Further information from some of our experts:

Mark Dearden, Managing Director, Genomics, recently discussed our "incredibly critical" ultra-high-throughput COVID-19 workflow with GenomeWeb

Provision of critical components to support the global testing effort. 
LGC provides reagents and other components for COVID-19 test kits in active use in labs around the world as well as those in development. It also supplies a range of PCR-based products to support COVID-19 testing: high throughput detection instruments, master mix, reverse transcriptase, and nucleic acid extraction reagents.

LGC is working with major IVD companies, clinical laboratories, governments and regulatory agencies globally to help drive testing volumes.

LGC’s Immunogenicity Centre of Excellence has successfully developed a COVID-19 antibody assay that is suitable for both serum and dried blood sampling.
LGC’s new assay can analyse up to 40,000 samples per day using serum or capillary blood collected remotely with Neoteryx’s Mitra® microsampling device.

Provision of quality control solutions to establish efficacy and accuracy
LGC is a critical supplier of controls, reference materials and proficiency testing to IVD companies, clinical laboratories, governments and regulators around the world. These include the AccuPlex™ SARS-CoV-2 Verification Panel and Reference Material Kit, which is designed to verify assays and ongoing performance during routine testing.  LGC also offers Proficiency Testing schemes for COVID-19 testing to ensure that laboratories’ application of methods and subsequent results are reliable and accurate.

Contribution to international standards and research
As part of its role as a UK National Measurement Laboratory, LGC is working with the global metrology community  in the standardisation of COVID-19 test methods. LGC’s specialist products and services are also being delivered to industry, universities and other research institutes to help in the development of better diagnostics and treatments for the disease.

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