National Laboratories and Science

Our teams in the National Laboratories and Science provide:

  • A range of expert science functions and services in partnership with government, business and academia.
  • World-leading measurement science that solves complex global challenges, ensuring trust and confidence in high quality measurement and research performed routinely to improve quality of life.

Our National Laboratory Roles

We proudly manage and operate a number of laboratories on behalf of the UK Government:

We also host the unique function of the ‘Government Chemist’, which provides:

  • independent resolution of technical appeals (referee cases) in the UK food and feed enforcement system and
  • advice to government, the public sector and the wider analytical community on measurement science particularly when it relates to legislation and regulation.

Further details of about the government chemist services can be found at 

Our Health Research Programme Management

Using our extensive experience in life science, health research and medtech R&D, we design, launch and deliver effective schemes to achieve your organisational goals. No matter its size, complexity or focus, we can help you maximise impact from your research investment.

Visit our Health research programme management site for further information.