April 2018

LGC releases series of carbon isotope ratio reference materials: LGC171-KT

LGC, in its role as the UK’s National Measurement Laboratory (NML) and designated institute for chemical and bio-measurement, has expanded its portfolio of certified reference materials to include a new set of glycine materials in solution certified for absolute carbon isotope ratio, traceable to the SI (International System of Units).

Stable isotope ratio analysis provides valuable information across a wide variety of fields, including environmental studies, food analysis, forensics, carbon-dating and geochemistry. The isotopic composition – the ratios of the stable isotopes of elements such as 2H/1H or 13C/12C – provides an isotopic fingerprint of a material, which can reveal information about its geographical origin, how it has been processed or manufactured or when it was produced. However, the relative scale that is used for carbon isotope ratios is defined by reference standards that have changed over time and one of which has recently been shown to be unstable. There is a need for a series of materials certified for absolute values, to ensure that small variations in how replacement materials behave, or how they are measured, do not impact the comparability of isotope ratio results across time and space.

The materials in LGC171-KT were certified for absolute 13C/12C isotope ratio, traceable to the SI unit of the kg. Measurements were performed using multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS, method certified to ISO 17025). Indicative values are provided in the form of ratios expressed on the delta scale d13CVPDB-LSVEC.

The three materials, which will be sold as a kit, have been produced under LGC’s accreditation to ISO Guide 34 as a Reference Material Producer.

The intended use of these materials is primarily for the calibration of instruments. The kit can also be used for the validation of new methods, the monitoring of the performance of methods used for the determination of carbon isotope ratios, and for the training and evaluation of staff.

LGC171-KT is available to purchase from LGC Standards.

For further information on this or any other materials please contact uksales@lgcstandards.com.