June 2018

NMS Delivery Plan published to support Measurement Strategy

Last week the UK Measurement Strategy’s Delivery Plan was published. The Delivery Plan sets out a body of work which directly responds to the themes of the Measurement Strategy, which will support the UK to capitalise on its world leading National Measurement System (NMS).
The NMS consists of a core infrastructure of measurement laboratories, which includes the National Measurement Laboratory at LGC (NML, designated for chemical and bio-measurement), and a wider community of service providers. This infrastructure ensures confidence in the measurements made routinely throughout the country and plays a vital role in responding to new challenges, supporting UK innovation, and helping the drive to increase UK productivity.
The NMS has a critical role in ensuring that the UK meets its international measurement needs, as well as in supporting the UK in developing critical policy, regulation and legislation, and in maintaining sovereign capability. The NMS will help deliver and support the UK’s Industrial Strategy by helping people develop new skills, providing services to businesses developing new technologies and taking part in its Grand Challenges such as Clean Growth and Artificial Intelligence.
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy invests £65m annually into the NMS which funds research in the advanced manufacturing, life sciences and health, energy, environment and digital sectors.
Examples of the impact of the work performed as the NML can be found on the website.