October 2017

LGC partners with Air Quality Research under Innovate UK ‘Analysis for Innovators’ programme

LGC announces today its partnership with Air Quality Research Ltd (AQR) under the new Innovate UK funding programme ‘Analysis for Innovators’ (A4I) in our role as the National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute for chemical and bio-measurement.

LGC will support Air Quality Research to optimise their disinfection process to provide a non-chemical and cost-effective system for cleaning water and other fluids.

Novel technologies and solutions for wastewater management are necessary for the UK to meet its sustainability goals, reducing water wastage and reusing resources where possible. Air Quality Research currently develops bespoke chemical-free, energy-saving products for bacteria control and chemical contamination, providing safe fluids for use in the home and industry. Through this project they are looking to further increase the efficiency of their treatment process which, if successful, could be applied to wastewater treatment for process industries, reducing costs and improving their potential for water reuse.

Air Quality Research will be supported by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, under the ‘Analysis for Innovators’ grant.

Peter Kukla, Managing Director of AQR, said: “We value the measurement support being provided by LGC, to enable us to solve this technical challenge. As a small innovation company with a platform technology, finding the right solution to this measurement challenge is almost as difficult as the challenge itself! We have been very impressed with LGC’s approach and look forward to a continued collaborative relationship.”

Chris Hopley, Principal Scientist, Organic Analysis, LGC, agreed, “The measurement of Hydroxyl Radical formation is a challenging measurement issue and we are very pleased to be able to provide measurement support to Air Quality Research to enable them to significantly improve their unique product.”

The A4I programme provides companies access to state-of-the-art measurement and analytical technologies through partnership with National Measurement Laboratories (LGC, NPL, NEL), the Science & Technology Facilities Council and Innovate UK.