April 2020

LGC opens state-of-the-art NGS lab for agricultural biotechnology services

LGC, Biosearch Technologies today announces the opening of a next generation sequencing (NGS) service laboratory at the former Lucigen facility in Middleton Wisconsin, USA, supporting North American and Latin American customers.

The lab complements LGC’s NGS service hub in Berlin and will deliver dedicated services for the agricultural biotechnology sector, specialising in plant and animal sample types.

Brian Kim, President and Managing Director, LGC, Biosearch Technologies, said, “We’re proud to announce this expansion of our NGS services capabilities for our North- and Latin American AgBio customers.  We know fast turnaround times are critical when it comes to making breeding decisions.  I am excited that our state-of-the-art lab will meet our customers’ mission critical breeding requirements with class leading turnaround times, support, and communication.”

The service offerings will include LGC’s popular SeqSNP targeted genotyping by sequencing service as well as other targeted sequencing services, whole genome sequencing and metagenomics. Additional innovative sequencing services will become available later this year.

For more information about LGC, Biosearch Technologies's services, visit the Biosearch Technologies website.