June 2017

LGC industrial partner in new UK Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub

LGC, in our role as the National Measurement Laboratory, is an industrial partner in the UCL’s new EPSRC Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub which is being formally launched this week (20 June 2017).

The Hub, which is being led by Professor Nigel Titchener-Hooker with Professor Paul Dalby and Professor Suzanne Farid, will address the manufacturing, business and regulatory challenges to ensure that new targeted biological medicines can be developed quickly and manufactured at a cost affordable to society. This will support the move away from “one-size-fits-all” medicines to a personalised approach, representing a step change for many patients in terms of widened access to new treatments.

The Hub, centred at UCL, has 5 research spokes across the UK: Imperial College London, University of Warwick, University of Manchester, Loughborough University and University of Nottingham.  It is being supported by a large number of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the bio-therapeutics industry, including GSK, Merck, Novo Nordisk and UCB Pharma, as well as other UK organisations, including the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, NIBSC and the UK BioIndustry Association.

LGC’s involvement will help ensure we effectively identify and respond to the measurement needs of this sector to support the UK bio-economy, reported to contribute £150 billion annually to the UK.