October 2019

LGC becomes first bioanalytical Contract Research Organisation to offer HD-X platform in a regulated environment

Ampersand-backed Alliance Pharma have now acquired LGC’s Drug Development Solutions Business (“DDS”).

LGC is delighted to announce the launch of its Quanterix Simoa HD-X automated analyser, thus becoming the first bioanalytical Contract Research Organisation in Europe to offer HD-X platform in a regulated environment.

The HD-X - the very latest fully automated technology platform from Quanterix for developing and performing digital immunoassays – has been unveiled at LGC’s GLP/GCP-accredited lab in Fordham, near Cambridge, UK.

The HD-X builds on the success of the HD-1 analyser in conveying unprecedented levels of sensitivity, robustness, and throughput to Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) bioanalytical studies.  

Rachel Green, Operations Director at LGC, said, “The Quanterix HD-X system has enhanced our capability to develop novel, high sensitivity and high throughput immunoassays. The increase in sensitivity that the HD-X offers is between 50-1000 times, compared with other conventional assay platforms – combining this with its automated and multiplexing capabilities, this platform could prove invaluable in helping our customers with early PK/PD decision making, translating into long term efficiencies in their drug development programmes.”

“We are very pleased LGC is moving forward with offering services in a regulated lab on the Simoa HD-X Analyzer, making it possible for their many pharmaceutical company partners to access the ultrasensitive technology.  We believe Simoa can dramatically accelerate drug development, delivering insights that can help make drugs less toxic and more efficacious, and is an ideal tool combined with LGC’s industry-leading bioanalytical capabilities,” said Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO and Chairman, Quanterix. 

The HD-X offers best-in-class assay PK-PD assay sensitivity and precision through the Quanterix Simoa (Single Molecule Array) technology - a digital form of ELISA, trapping and sealing individual immuno-complexes on paramagnetic beads in thousands of femtolitre sized wells in arrays found on the Simoa Discs. By using this platform LGC is able to offer a range of high-sensitivity commercial biomarker assay kits covering a range of therapeutic areas, alongside bespoke homebrew method development services.

To find out more, catch up with LGC and Quanterix at the European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) Open Symposium, 20-22 November 2019.