October 2015

Introducing the FlexSTAR+

LGC is delighted to be distributing FlexSTAR+, AutoGen’s most advanced DNA extraction solution to date, which was launched recently.

LGC, which distributes AutoGen’s products and services in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, is a leading genomic solution provider and laboratory services company, with significant experience and expertise in DNA extraction, genotyping (KASPTM - Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR), and sequencing.

The FlexSTAR+ completely automates the DNA isolation and extraction process from primary tube sampling to final DNA elution into storage tubes (SBS type). Users will find that manually scanning bar codes, handling and loading individual blood samples and unloading DNA solutions have all been eliminated, saving time, increasing productivity, and reducing the potential of error.
Among its many features, the new system includes protocols for 1-2 ml, 3-5 ml and 6-10 ml of fresh or frozen whole blood and can draw samples from a variety of primary tube sizes, running up to 90 samples per day.

The FlexSTAR+ features sample tracking and reporting software that verifies work lists from LIMs, creates a map of sample and DNA positions, tracks samples through the extraction process and sends final reports back to LIMs. The software also sends an email or text alert when the run is complete.

Additionally, FlexSTAR+ has critical error recovery features that ensure that if there’s a power loss or an error while a procedure is in process, users can recover and finish their runs without having to resort to manual intervention.

What truly distinguishes FlexSTAR+ from other DNA extraction solutions is its chemistry. Unlike many other manufacturers’ systems, which rely on magnetic bead technology to isolate the DNA, FlexSTAR+ features QIAGEN’s FlexiGene chemistry – robust, reliable precipitation chemistry that produces cleaner, longer-stranded genomic DNA, free from RNA contamination, for long-term storage.

Bob Sullivan, President and CEO, said “Biorepositories, genetic and cancer treatment centers and specialty diagnostic labs that currently are using QIAGEN’s AutoPure solution for DNA extraction will be familiar and comfortable with precipitation technology.”

“FlexSTAR+ is a logical step-up for them.  In fact, it’s a superior solution for any lab that wants to generate higher quality, higher yield genomic DNA with fewer errors and far less likelihood of RNA contamination. In addition they will benefit from the superior service for which AutoGen is known.”

James Heseltine, Head of Business Development, Genomics, LGC, said, “The FlexSTAR+ offers the best possible blend of automated throughput, ease of use, and quality of results, through the isolation and extraction of genomic DNA from large volume whole blood for downstream processing and biobanking.