February 2016

Informed-Sport certifies 14 INC Sports Nutrition products

LGC announced today that INC Sports Nutrition, exclusive to its new educational partner Chemist Warehouse, has recently certified 14 sports nutrition products on its globally-recognised banned substance testing programme, Informed-Sport.

INC Sports Nutrition now has the widest range of certified products in Australia on the Informed-Sport programme.

“This is a significant step in the right direction for the Australian sports nutrition market. Australia is a leading sports nation and, like everywhere else in the world, its athletes consume sports supplements to aid training and performance – it is vitally important that they only use products that have been audited and undergo ongoing testing for banned substances. Informed-Sport’s global recognition helps athletes source these products wherever they are. It’s very encouraging to see companies such as INC Sports Nutrition showing such commitment to testing for banned substances and thereby helping to protect athletes,” said Terence O’Rorke, Director of Business Development for Sport and Specialised Analytical Services, LGC. 

INC Sports Nutrition Brand Ambassador Mathew Jones said, “INC wants all its users to be confident that its products are tested and supported to be safe whilst assisting in achieving a healthier lifestyle. INC’s quality products aim to improve general health and fitness, reach the next level fitness goal or to excel in your chosen sport.”

All certified products from INC Sports Nutrition have passed the rigorous registration process required by Informed-Sport, and every batch of each registered product will be tested for a wide range of substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) before release to market.

Informed-Sport promotes clean sport by providing a risk management solution to the issue of inadvertent doping through the use of contaminated sports nutrition products. The programme allows consumers and athletes to make an informed choice when selecting their supplements, and provides confidence in the quality of the products that they choose.

Informed-Sport is a globally-recognised banned substance testing programme based on two fundamental pillars of quality assurance: a rigorous pre-registration audit of a product and its manufacturing processes, followed by the testing of every batch before release to market.

Currently there are 415 products from 13 different countries registered on the programme, which has been identified by elite sports and the anti-doping community worldwide as providing the highest level of risk management to athletes.