March 2020

LGC expands production of AccuPlex™ COVID-19 reference materials to support global diagnostic assay development efforts

With the rapid global spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the urgent need for reliable diagnostic solutions, LGC’s SeraCare Life Sciences is expanding production of their novel COVID-19 reference materials to include high titer stocks that serve as a valuable tool for diagnostic manufacturers.  

Michael Sweatt, Executive Vice President and General Manager, LGC Diagnostics Business Unit, stated, “As a leading provider to the in vitro diagnostic industry, we are keenly aware of the important role that reliable reference materials play in the development of accurate diagnostic tests. Offering our AccuPlex COVID-19 solution in a high titer format enables diagnostic manufacturers to accelerate development efforts through use of concentrated, lot-specific reference material to complete their assay validation activities. Our dedicated team of scientists are expediting production of these stocks, and we anticipate availability in the coming week.”

AccuPlex reference materials, while mimicking wild-type pathogenic viruses, are safe, non-infectious, and replication-deficient. They serve as true, full-process, quality control solutions that challenge the entire diagnostic workflow, making them a valuable alternative to infectious materials.