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E-seminars on DNA analysis techniques

LGC has developed a number of e-seminars with funding  by Defra, FSA, FSS and BEIS under the Joint Knowledge Transfer Framework for Food Standards and Food Safety Analysis.

EBF Focus Workshop: Peptides & Proteins with (LC-)MS

The 4th EBF Cyberconnect Event in 2021 will focus on scientific and regulatory challenges related to peptide and protein analysis by LC-MS/MS. It is EBF’s intention to organise this Workshop in collaboration with our global partners.

17 June 2021 – 18 June 2021
In China for China - LGC ASSURE

The event will showcase the capabilities as well as the depth and breadth of products and services offered by LGC ASSURE. This event will be packed with presentations and technical content that provide insight into today’s supply chain expectations and an understanding of how to achieve ever improving performance rather than compliance with minimum standards. You will learn how a suite of solutionsthat intelligently analyse the safety, quality and authenticity of goods and services can deliver the visibility and insights needed to keep consumers safe and protect brand reputation. This will be delivered through hosted presentations on a Virtual Platform that delegates retain access to for a 3 month period and white papers and document library for delegates to access over 3 month period

31 August 2021 – 21 December 2021

The TIDES USA program features 4 concurrent tracks covering the following 6 scientific themes including in-depth development strategies, trends, and technologies across the entire spectrum of oligonucleotides, peptides, mRNA, and genome editing.  

20 September 2021 – 30 September 2021
OTS 2021 virtual conference

Join leading experts in the field at the OTS Annual Meeting which will feature the latest developmentsfrom the various oligonucleotide-based disciplines.

26 September 2021 – 29 September 2021

The 15th WRIB (Workshops on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis) is built on the success of the previous meetings, especially the 14th WRIB where over 1000 professionals representing pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies, CROs, and multiple regulatory agencies convened (virtually) to discuss current topics of interest in bioanalysis. High Quality, better compliance to regulations and scientific excellence have always been the foundations of WRIB.

21 October 2021 – 01 October 2021
TIDES Europe 2021

The industry’s leading event in Europe to accelerate therapeutics to market by expediting R&D, improving CMC efficiency, and building new partnerships

15 November 2021 – 17 November 2021
European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF)

This Open Symposium has become a landmark for bioanalytical discussions in EU and has created a true Forum-like spirit where people meet and open discussions during sessions and presentations contribute to the development of an open mind in bioanalysis. 

24 November 2021 – 26 November 2021