Bioanalytical sciences

With around 380 scientists operating from a high-tech campus near Cambridge, UK, LGC’s Fordham site is one of the largest bioanalytical centres in the world.   Recognised for leadership in science and technology our labs were initially founded in 1963 as the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory.  This unique heritage in sport drug surveillance enabled the development of a broad, innovative bioanalytical sciences group with an ability to integrate pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity with biomarker and central laboratory capabilities to support drug development.  

Utilising the latest LC-MS/MS, immunoassay, cell and molecular biology techniques, our scientists deliver bioanalysis of small molecules through to sophisticated gene and protein therapeutics. 

We routinely solve difficult method development challenges and, as our clients’ development progresses from discovery through to GLP preclinical and to GCP clinical trials; we have the capacity, rapid turnaround and logistics needed to support the largest, most complex international clinical trial protocols.

Your precious samples are in safe hands. 

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