Supplement testing

LGC has been testing sports nutrition products and ingredients on behalf of reputable manufacturers and suppliers for over 16 years. During this time we have tested in excess of 120,000 samples and have also carried out a number of studies to explore the prevalence of contamination with prohibited substances in products and ingredients. LGC’s research into supplements and contamination also includes several administrative studies to investigate the levels of prohibited substances that could cause an athlete to fail a doping test. These have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Supplement testing

Currently, LGC tests supplement products for more than 600 brands globally and over 20,000 product samples annually for substances prohibited in sport.  LGC tests and/or certifies finished goods, raw materials (ingredients) and manufacturing facilities in more than 32 countries. Our highly sensitive tests can detect contamination down to 10ng/g for steroids and 100ng/g for stimulants.


LGC is ISO17025 accredited for each substance in the core screen, matrix type (powders, liquids, bars, capsules, et.) and at a specific level of detection.  The United States laboratory (Lexington, KY) is accredited by the A2LA and the United Kingdom laboratory (Fordham, UK) is accredited by UKAS.

Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice programs

LGC’s Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice programs are recognized globally by a growing number of anti-doping organizations, sporting bodies, athletes and consumers as a trusted mark for quality assurance and risk minimization.  For more information on these programs visit and