PCR reagents and instruments

Gain your competitive edge by leveraging our core capability in amplification technologies and instrumentation. LGC, Biosearch Technologies has an expansive amplification portfolio, including best-in-class products and services supporting SNP genotyping, qPCR, end-point PCR, and isothermal amplification applications.  

Biosearch Technologies offers amplification enzymes and master mixes, custom probes and assays, as well as services for gene expression and genotyping analysis. Our industry-leading KASP genotyping products are market leaders in SNP genotyping for agrigenomics. Regardless of the PCR application, we offer a range of reagents to meet your demanding experimental challenges.  Pair these reagents with our wide range of PCR-based instruments, including flexible and modular options ranging from mid to ultra-high-throughput scale support fully automated and integrated solutions. Our deep market expertise and capabilities allow us to offer superior support for customised workflows, protocols, implementation, and troubleshooting to meet your unique needs.

For customers who are strapped for time, resources, or new to an application, we offer lab services such as genotyping and whole genome amplification.