Oligo synthesis reagents and instruments

Since their introduction in the early 1980s, synthetic oligonucleotides have grown in importance as a key element in innovation in genomics research and product development. Through its Nucleic Acid Chemistry (NAC) business area, LGC, Biosearch Technologies delivers a fully-supported end-to-end portfolio of critical chemical products and instruments for oligonucleotide synthesis, most notably in the molecular diagnostic and oligonucleotide therapeutic markets.

Our NAC experience

Grown rapidly through focused investment, NAC has harnessed the product breadth and technical expertise of Biosearch Technologies, Link Technologies, Prime Synthesis, BioAutomation and Berry & Associates to create an unrivalled solution combining over 145 years’ of experience and a portfolio of over 750 products.  Through these acquisitions, the NAC portfolio provides supply chain resilience and enhanced service to our customers globally.

With a long history established providing specialised oligonucleotides for qPCR and cGMP oligos for molecular diagnostics, and as the inventor of BHQ®, CAL Fluor® and Quasar® dyes, we enable multiplex qPCR, a key technology for the world’s leading molecular diagnostic companies. Thus, these products form a key component in our NAC portfolio.  We also offer the widest selection of specialist products and modified solid supports, phosphoramidites, nucleosides, carbohydrates and fluorescent markers available, including the BlackBerry™ Quenchers (BBQ™) and Click-Easy™ click chemistry products.

Controlled pore glass

We have also become the market leading manufacturer of controlled pore glass (CPG) supports for oligonucleotide synthesis since our initial involvement in providing DNA synthesis columns to support the Human Genome Project. Now a strategic partner to many leading oligo therapeutic companies and oligo CMOs, our products form a core component in supporting the rapid growth in oligonucleotide synthesis and drug development.

Reagents offering

The world renowned MerMade™ oligo synthesiser range complements our reagents offering. This instrument line is readily packaged with easy to order reagents, covering the common requirements for oligo synthesis, including solid support columns, unmodified and modified DNA and RNA monomers, and ancillary liquid reagents. As such, Biosearch Technologies stands alone as a partner able to provide a platform for end-to-end requirements for oligonucleotide synthesis.