Next generation sequencing reagents, kits and services

Since the first NGS platforms were commercialised in the early 2000s, we have been working with our customers to support mission critical applications in human healthcare and agrigenomics.  By providing innovative, high-quality components such as enzymes, oligonucleotides and magnetic beads as well as specialist kits and services, we enable our customers to harness the power of genetic data on an unprecedented scale.

Our kit and component manufacturing sites are situated across the US (Middleton, Petaluma, and  Novato) and Europe (Berlin and Lystrup) and are underpinned by either ISO 13485 or ISO 9001 compliance. These capabilities support a wide portfolio of off-the-shelf components and kits critical to NGS workflows including magnetic beads, oligos, enzymes, and library prep kits. Additionally, our primary manufacturing capabilities enable customisation and bulk (OEM) manufacture of reagents such as key NGS enzymes for high volume applications.

Our ISO 9001 accredited NGS services such as genotyping by sequencing (GBS) and Flex-Seq targeted GBS feature fast turnaround times, cost-effective pricing, and expert consultation. Our services are accessed through our laboratory sites in Berlin (DE), Gainesville (US) and Middleton (US). Importantly, our NGS services are supported by DNA extraction and purification chemistries developed in house as well as bioinformatics support to offer convenient, all-inclusive services.

We are continuously expanding our portfolio of NGS products and services so please enquire with any NGS-related questions. For contact details and information about our current range of NGS kits, components and services please visit:

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