LGC Axolabs

LGC Axolabs offers a unique services portfolio for the development of nucleic acid therapeutics and nucleic acid-based medicines.

As a world leading service provider in oligonucleotide- & mRNA-based therapeutics we are the single organisation to deliver best solutions for nucleic acid therapeutics’ development, ranging from lead ID, across all clinical stages, to commercial supply.

LGC Axolabs is dedicated to highest scientific standards fostered by world class expertise and capabilities in oligonucleotide (bio)-analytics, clinical trial support, and cGMP manufacture.

Our expertise

Bringing together Axolabs, Biosearch Technologies and the broader analytical and bioanalytical capabilities available across the company, LGC has a unique heritage and expertise in the development oligonucleotide therapeutics and nucleic acid medicines.

Pioneers in the field, LGC Axolabs was founded as Ribopharma in 2000, the first company in the world to focus on RNAi therapeutics.  Biosearch Technologies heritage in oligo synthesis goes back to 1977.

Investing significantly in facilities and team over the last few years, LGC has expanded its services portfolio to include cGMP manufacturing and a new GMP analytical capability for batch release testing of oligonucleotide-based drug substances and drug products in the EU.

Today, LGC scientists offer customer-focused solutions from discovery through to analytical / process development and large-scale cGMP manufacture of investigational medicines for early clinical trials. 

Underpinned by proprietary analytical and lipid delivery technologies we provide discovery biology, synthetic chemistry, bioanalysis and CMC analysis support for all modalities; including siRNAs, ASOs, mRNA therapeutics and CRISPR/Cas.

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