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Sport and specialised analytical services 

LGC sport and specialised analytical services Through the acquisition of HFL Sport Science in December 2010, LGC has a world class drug surveillance laboratories, providing unrivalled and internationally trusted expertise in all aspects of doping control for sports. We have over 50 years’ experience working with professionals in animal sports, whether in horseracing and equestrian sports or greyhound racing. We provide animal feed testing and sample management; we also offer veterinary services, giving vets and purchasers confidence that bloodstock and pre-purchase examinations are accurate. We are a long-term collaborator with the Veterinary Defence Service.

LGC Lexington Laboratory – cessation of animal sports testing
From August 2018, LGC will no longer be providing animal sports drug testing services from its Lexington, Kentucky laboratory.  The decision to cease operations in this area was taken as a result of difficulties matching US market dynamics for animal sports testing with the advanced scientific and customer service that LGC provides.  LGC is honoring its contractual obligations with its existing clients and is assisting them in the handover to new service providers.
Despite the cessation of its animal sports testing activities in the US, the LGC Lexington laboratory will remain fully operational as a significant proportion of its work is in the arena of dietary supplements testing for human sports and general wellbeing.  Resources are now being directed at the supplements business where a high-quality service is provided and where there is considerable opportunity for business growth.
LGC remains a market leader in animal sports testing globally through its operations at its Fordham, UK site.  The Fordham facility provides animal sports testing services to a wide range of horseracing, greyhound racing and equestrian sports customers from across the world and is one of only five laboratories to have been awarded reference laboratory status by the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities (IFHA).