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Grant management; progress monitoring

Working to your criteria, we undertake comprehensive monitoring of your portfolio of funded work, freeing you to focus on strategic decisions and utilisation of results.

LGC operates a thorough project management approach to administering grant funding.  We deliver comprehensive milestone-driven monitoring of progress, rigorous administration of grant funding and full evaluation of intellectual property and commercialization opportunities.

Monitoring progress

We monitor the progress of your portfolio of funded work, ensuring grant-holders meet contractual requirements and pre-agreed milestones. The scale of monitoring is adjusted according to the complexity of the scheme, as is advisory panel input, and any unresolved issues can be escalated to you. We report on the status of your portfolio and provide overviews of funding trends.  We perform milestone-driven monitoring of progress.  This includes;  
  • Conducting site visits and schedule contract meetings
  • Performing progress assessment versus agreed milestones, contractual requirements and expenditure
  • Conducting regular budget reviews and forecasting
  • Ensuring project outputs reflect agreed deliverables
  • Developing project- and fund-level dashboards

Financial management of grants

We offer a full range of financial management services and currently administer over £400 million of grant scheme funding.  Pre- and post-contracting services include budget scrutiny, grant payment, financial monitoring and budget forecasting. We strive to ensure that your funds are spent transparently by grant-holders and provide good value for money for you and for ultimate end-users.  We conduct rigorous administration of grant funding.  This involves;
  • Clearly defining expectations for financial aspects of applications, thereby improving quality of submissions
  • Scrutinising application budgets
  • Drafting contract terms and conditions around finances
  • Initiating grant payments in liaison with contractors
  • Accurately monitoring spend and forecast
  • Reporting on grant finances

Management of intellectual property and commercialisation

We manage intellectual property (IP) and commercialisation and work with you to identify, monitor and commercialise IP assets during the IP/innovation lifecycle, helping you generate a return on your investment. We also support pull-through of work between your, and other, funding schemes to progress it along the innovation pathway.  We perform the evaluation of intellectual property (IP) and commercialisation opportunities by providing;
  • Legal counsel around IP
  • Market and environmental analysis
  • Competitor audits
  • Positioning and value proposition
  • Marketing strategy

Grant Management Brochure

Grant Management Process