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Structural elucidation

A complete solution to all your structural characterisation needs 

LGC’s scientists are experts in the field of structural elucidation with many years of experience within major pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.

From the identification and characterisation of novel impurities, degradants and metabolites to the provision of full evidence of etructure data for regulatory submission, we have the expertise and technology to offer a complete solution to all your structural characterisation needs whether in raw materials, API, formulated product or biological matrices.

LGC maintains a diverse and comprehensive suite of mass spectrometers (Triple Quads, ion traps & TOFs) providing accurate mass, MSn,  ion mobility and HDX capabilities coupled with a full suite of seperative techniques including GC, CE and nano to semi-prep scale HPLC as well as multidimensional separations.

Equipped with multinuclear solution state high field NMR (up to 600MHz) with triple resonance probes, we are also able to deliver a full suite of NMR experiments from the traditional structural characterisation packages (1H, 13C, COSY, HSQC & HMBC) to quantitative assay (typically 1H and 19 F) and diffusion based experiments.

Through our MS, NMR and vibrational spectroscopic capabilities, LGC is able to offer comprehensive solutions in the following areas:
  • Evidence of structure data for regulatory submissions
  • Impurity, degradant and metabolite identification and characterisation
  • Chemical purity assessment
  • Patent support & route indicative impurity mapping
  • Conformation Analysis
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Excipient compatibility tests
Furthermore, we also have the capability to isolate and manufacture specific impurities. In collaboration with our Standards division, we are able to supply over 3000 pharmaceutically relevant impurities and the appropriate analytical methods for development and validation.

Combined with our extensive experience of world-wide regulatory environments and our commitment to the implementation of leading science, we are confident that we will be able to solve your structural elucidation challenges.