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Festive experiments!

Try our fun festive experiments and bring out the scientist in you!

Our festive experiments are in easy to follow step-by-step instructions. 

They are the perfect boredom breaker and great for anyone who enjoys science.

We will be publishing a new experiment every weekday leading up to Christmas.

We hope you enjoy them!




Download >>>> Mr Claus' Magical Meringues

Following on from the success of the homemade honeycombe this activity shows you how to make magical meringue in teh microwave.
This is another quick scientific recipe that you can eat once it has cooled down. Remember to save some for Santa!

Download >>>> Jingle bins, jingle bins........

Recycling and being aware of plastic usage is important to us at LGC. Today's activity is one you can continue to check up on for months or years to come.
Which materials biodegrade easily and which ones take more time?


Download >>>> Paint the town pH red!

This activity will show you how to  make your own pH paper at home with the help of a vegetable!
You can use you DIY pH paper to test items around your home to discover whether they are acidic or alkaline.


Download >>> Cork Science

Corks will float on water. If you push it to the bottom, as soon as you take your finger off, the cork will bob back to the top.
This fact is key to today's scientific task which will see you recreate a spiral decoration.


Download >>> Festive Bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
Everyone loves a good bubble. With this activity, you will learn how to make large, strong bubbles that won't pop too quickly.
You can also add some drops of food colouring into the mix to make colourful bubbles. Red and green for Christmassy bubbles!

Download >>> Make Your Own Bioplastic

Plastic is something we all need to use more carefully due to the environmental impact.
In this activity you will learn how to make bioplastic using gelatine, commonly used to make jelly!
Your bioplastic will take 5-7 days to set but will be worth the wait.

Download >>> Sweet separation science

Can you separate out the colour of sweets? You will be with today's challenge! 
In this activity you will be able to watch the colours run from the shell of sweets.


Download >>> Christmas Volcanos

This activity shows you how to turn items in your kitchen into a spectacular showstopper.
For festive lava you can use red and green food colouring to keep the Christmas these flowing.

Download >>> Sparkly Coin Cleaning Activity

Loose change can be many years old and has passed through many people's hands. No wonder it can be a bit dirty!
This activity will show you how to make your coins sparkle with items you have around the house. Your coins will glisten under the twinkly Christmas lights.


Download >>> Un-bee-lievable Honeycomb

Cooking is an enjoyable science because you get to eat what you make! 
Remember to watch the chemical reaction as it takes place but be careful not to get too close as it is hot!

Download >>> Enchanted Lava Lamps

Lava lamps are enchanting and Christmas is the most magical time of the year! Make your own lava lamp with just water, salt and oil.
How festive can you make your lava lamp with food colouring and glitter?

Download >>> Super Scientific Snowflakes 

Each snowflake is different. Unique. Therefore, each snowflake you make can be too! This activity shows you how to separate secondary colours into their components.
For example, purple is made up of red and blue (two of the primary colours!).
Experiment with lots of different colours and see what happens when you dip your snowflake into the water.