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Pharmacokinetic services

PK, PD and TK studies

We have many years of experience carrying out pharmacokinetic (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD) and toxicokinetic (TK) studies for all stages of drug development providing expertise and quality to our clients.

Support for preclinical and clinical studies

Our trained and experienced pharmacokineticists use industry standard WinNonLin™ and Kinetica™ applications for non compartmental data analysis, giving you access to a complete bioanalytical pharmacokinetic/toxicokinetic (PK/TK) service to support your preclinical and clinical studies.

PK/PD models

The application of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) models can add further value by linking the pharmacodynamic (PD) effect to the pharmacokinetic (PK) properties of a compound and the subsequent prediction of the pharmacodynamic responses expected for differing dosage regimens.