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Professional digital forensic services

Using our experience in security systems and examining security imagery to establish or rule out the identity of individuals or items, we are able to offer independent and comprehensive advice on the installation of analogue and digital security camera systems that may or may not be linked to other security features.
Imagery systems are costly and must work at optimum performance. Cameras and other equipment must be correctly sited and installed, and regular maintenance is essential to ensure systems continue to meet specifications.
While we do not supply equipment, we can advise on equipment and run tests to validate the system once it is installed. Our seal of approval that a digital system is evidentially acceptable is proudly displayed by major companies such as Mitsubishi, Dallmeier and Siemens.
We can also offer a post-installation service, to provide regular validation of the system throughout its life. These checks should be carried out at least every six months or every year. Under such arrangements, your installation and maintenance supplier will need to send test recordings to our audio-visual team for a rigorous ten-point test.