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Seed Biotechnology Center - Pepper case study

The group at the Seed Biotechnology Center at University California, Davis are applying the most up to date tools and understanding of genetics, genomics and molecular biology to characterise peppers and their diverse characteristics.
Pepper is a highly valued plant globally with demand increasing 40-fold since the 1980s. One of the biggest problems the pepper industry faces is Phytophthora capsici (Pc), root rot or late blight, from which most commercial pepper varieties suffer yield losses despite good management practices and resistance strategies.
Identifying and selectively breeding for pepper strains resistant to Pc is exactly what Allen Van Deynze and his fellow researchers at the Seed Biotechnology Center have set about achieving with significant progress, as reported in their recent paper “CaDMR1 cosegregates with QTL Pc5.1 for resistance to Phytophthora capsici in Pepper (Capsicum annuum)1.The study identified a gene that encodes an enzyme which is highly associated with Pc resistance in pepper; this is the first report to relate candidate genes to a known Pc resistance factor in pepper.
“LGC’s high-throughput and fast turnaround times (40 SNP markers each run on 250 different plant lines in 6 weeks) produced high-resolution data that was crucial for validating our  research and getting it published ahead of the field.” said Van Deynze.
1 Rehrig, W. Z., Ashrafi, H., Hill, T., Prince, J., & Van Deynze, A. (2014). CaDMR1 Cosegregates with QTL Pc5.1 for Resistance to Phytophthora capsici in Pepper (Capsicum annuum). The Plant Genome7(2).
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