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Application and Technical Notes

Please download and share our Application and Techical Notes.

Applicability of ParaDNA® Intelligence System DVI and Missing Person Cases

Application note - Focus on the applicability of the ParaDNA Intelligence System delivering useable investigational intelligence from challenging samples relating to missing persons, DVI and human remains cases.

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Ethylene Oxide (EthOx) Treatment of ParaDNA® Test Plastic ware

Technical note - Use of the ParaDNA system (Screening and Intelligence Tests) to demonstrate the absence of human DNA on EthOx treated plastic ware

315 KB

How much DNA is removed by the ParaDNA® Sample Collectors?

Technical note

22 KB


Technical note - the difference between ParaDNA technology and traditional STR analysis, making it of interest to Reporting Officers, Examiners, Crime Lab Analysts and DNA Technical Leads.

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ParaDNA® Intelligence Test performance with aged blood and saliva samples

Technical note - The data demonstrates that the ParaDNA Intelligence System performs equally well on both aged and fresh samples.

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ParaDNA® Screening System UK Police Pilot Study

Application note - The ParaDNA Screening System is a novel system that allows police forces to conduct a simple test using DNA technology within their own forensic submissions processes.

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ParaDNA® Screening Test Correlation study with AmpFlSTR® NGM SElect™

Technical note - Comparing results using evidence samples processed with the ParaDNA® Screening Test and the AmpFlSTR® NGM SElect™ Amplification Kit1 from Life Technologies.

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ParaDNA® Screening Test Correlation with AmpFlSTR® SGM Plus®

Technical note

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ParaDNA® Screening Test Positive Control

Application note - Positive control developed for use with ParaDNA Screening Instrument

314 KB

ParaDNA® Screening Test sampling time

Technical note

146 KB

Speculative searching an external database with exported ParaDNA® Intelligence

Application note

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US Pilot Evaluation of the ParaDNA® Screening System

Application note - Crime Laboratory approved DNA Screening Technology

348 KB

Use of Luminol with the ParaDNA® Screening Test

Technical note

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