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Case studies archive

Novel 3D imaging to improve type 1 diabetes treatment

Life through a lens: novel quantitative cell imaging

Novel 3D imaging to improve type 1 diabetes treatment

Development of a novel imaging technique to improve the success rate of pancreatic islet transplants for people with type 1 diabetes.

Development of a rapid, quantitative imaging approach to measure the quality of cells in tissue engineered products.

The drugs don’t work

May contain nuts

Application of high accuracy mass spectrometry to measure small variations in isotope ratios to detect counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs.

Development of a sensitive and accurate DNA based screening approach for the detection of allergenic nuts in food.

Nano interactions

RNA quality for diagnostic applications: Integrity vs Degradation

Overcoming limitations in nanoparticle safety testing using real time measurements.

Development of a fast, simple and robust system for determining RNA integrity.

3D…the future for cells

Keeping cells under control

Keeping cells under control


Development of 3D cell culture technology to imitate the more natural structure of the liver and improve in vitro screening of potentially toxic compounds.

The critical role of standardisation in supporting innovation in regenerative medicine.

There are more case studies on page two of our archive.