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NeuroMET mini symposium October 2018

05 Nov 2018

The third NeuroMET mini symposium was held at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine & Biotherapy, Montpellier, France, on October 24, 2018. It was attended by Consortium members and stakeholders from clinical laboratories, industry and academia.

Following a brief introduction to NeuroMET, the symposium included sessions on MRI, patient-centred outcome measures and biomarkers, and prompted much discussion between the participants.

Find more details of the presentations below.


Correlations Between Changes of Different MRI derived Biomarkers in Alzheimer's
Disease: An Update on Preliminary Results from the NeuroMET project
- Ariane Fillmer, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Berlin

Quality assured Patient-Centred Outcome Measures,
- Leslie Pendrill, RI:SE, Göteburg

An update on the development of a reference measurement procedure for
quantification of α-synuclein in CSF.
- Adam Cryar, LGC, Teddington

The NeuroMET contribution towards standardisation of total tau measurements
- Amandine Boeuf, LNE, Paris

Implementation of standard additions to determine endogenous analyte concentrations by immunoassays to overcome biological matrix interference
- Susan Pang, LGC, Teddington

Profiling of intact proteins in the CSF of Alzheimer's disease patients using top-down
clinical proteomics: revealing specific isoform biomarker candidates
- Christophe Hirtz, CHU Montpellier, Montpellier