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Published papers

Publication search tool

Our KASP™ genotyping chemistry along with our extraction and sequencing products and services have been cited in over 2,000 global customer publications, with an increasing number of papers referencing us year on year. In addition to the search application we have also made the full database of available to download.

Paper of the month 

Each month we are featuring outstanding customer published scientific papers where the research has involved one or more of our products/ services. We focus on Agbio and Human reasearch. 

Agbio papers Human papers
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Reference list

KASP™ genotyping is used regularly in human, plant, animal and microbial research, and in applications as diverse as species conservation, research into disease causation and the selection of high quality crop variants to meet the world’s growing demand for food. The papers cover different project sizes, various levels of LGC involvement and also illustrate our compatibility with many other technologies.

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