October 2017

Senior Researcher invited to participate in webinar on digital PCR and MRSA analysis

Denise O’Sullivan, Senior Researcher in LGC's Molecular and Cell Biology Team, has been invited to participate in a webinar to discuss the use of digital PCR to identify and quantify methicillin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

The webinar will be held on Tuesday, 25 October at 16.00 BST and is designed for anyone with an interest in digital PCR and its application to infectious disease and drug resistance.

Denise will discuss the benefits of multiplexing digital PCR and how it could be useful to determine the identity of the organism that is carrying the resistance gene. The potential application of this approach to the specific identification and quantification of MRSA, a major pathogen that increases risks of complications in routine surgeries, will be discussed.

A Q&A session will follow the discussion.
To register, click here.

A recording of the webinar will also be available after the event.
The webinar is sponsored by Stilla and hosted by natureresearch, part of Springer Nature.