February 2013

LGC Standards first to offer proficiency testing rounds on meat speciation

LGC Standards, a global leader in proficiency testing (PT) schemes, has launched two new samples for meat speciation testing, as part of its established Quality in Meat and Fish Analysis proficiency testing scheme. These new samples aim to support meat testing laboratories in the wake of the recent horsemeat scandal.

These samples are suitable for any laboratory involved in the analysis and authentication of beef products. The two new rounds are:

  • Determination of equine in bovine meat
  • Determination of porcine in bovine meat.

LGC Standards is the first PT provider to offer samples for horsemeat in beef, to address the issues arising from the recent public scandal. Following the discovery of horsemeat in a number of ready meals, food retailers in the UK have been told to carry out tests on all processed beef products.

Brian Brookman, Director of Proficiency Testing at LGC Standards said “We are aware of the increased emphasis on quality assurance within food testing laboratories. The new PT rounds from LGC Standards will allow laboratories carrying out such tests to demonstrate, and improve, the quality of their measurements, thus giving confidence to retailers, consumers and regulators in their test results on beef products.”

For further information, or to enrol on the PT scheme or download the QMAS application form please visit www.lgcpt.com