Government Chemist Webinar: Why do laboratories get it wrong?

The Government Chemist conference has unfortunately been postponed from June 2020 until June 2021. We were very much looking forward to sharing, listening and discussing developments in food and feed testing with you all. So, in the meantime, we would like to invite you to the first of our webinars in 2020, where we will discuss common issues leading to appeals for referee analysis. 

Webinar: Why do laboratories get it wrong?

An enforcement officer takes a sample from your food (or feed) business. An official laboratory finds a non-compliance – excessive contaminant, additive, pesticide, for example. Or an allergen you haven’t declared. It is your responsibility to make and sell food that is safe and properly labelled and so you must keep the non-compliant food out of the supply chain or you may be prosecuted.

But what if you think the official laboratory has got it wrong? Your own laboratory has produced results that contradict the official findings. What can you do?

According to UK law, if an analytical dispute arises,  a retained portion of the control sample may, in certain circumstances, be submitted as a technical appeal to the Government Chemist for a definitive investigation. This is also called the “referee analysis”.  

In this webinar the Government Chemist, Julian Braybrook and the Referee Analyst, Michael Walker, describe the referee process and examples of casework. They will provide an opportunity to understand the technical appeal safeguard and the control system in the often complex cases where appeal has been invoked. They also draw lessons on why labs can produce discordant results in many areas including food allergens, contaminants, choking hazards, food additives, veterinary and pesticides residues and GMOs.

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