What does our grant scheme management involve?

Scheme design

  • Architecture for grant scheme delivery reflecting stakeholder need
  • Tailored design of grant administration and performance management processes
  • Flexibility to review and adapt processes to meet the ongoing needs of a scheme.


Set-up and launch

  • Prioritisation of the most relevant, important or urgent topics to fund
  • Highly effective, targeted promotion of your grant scheme
  • Design of application forms to maximise quality submissions and generate more suitable options
  • Bespoke application invitation and management system.


Assessment of applications

  • Identification of key expertise to ensure stringent review of applications
  • Soliciting of public opinion to allow end-users to shape applications
  • Efficient recruitment and co-ordination of expert advisory panels
  • Expert financial, intellectual property and commercial due diligence
  • Expert contract negotiation and contracting.


Progress monitoring

  • Evaluation of intellectual property and commercialization opportunities
  • Comprehensive technical and financial monitoring of project progress versus milestones
  • Provision of meaningful status reports to stakeholders
  • Rigorous administration of grant funding.


Impact analysis

  • Widespread dissemination of project outcomes
  • Detailed reviews of grant scheme performance against objectives
  • Accurate quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the impact of the work you funded.


Specialist functions in support of grant scheme management

Supporting teams provide specialist advice and activities in finance; intellectual property and legal; marketing and communications; public involvement; information management and data analysis; governance, quality and operational management.

Our cross-cutting work includes:

  • An established and highly regarded process for inviting, supporting and processing applications for your scheme, with applicants receiving high quality support on your behalf
  • Publicity, content and a digital presence for your funding opportunity and outputs, building your brand and reputation and increasing application rates
  • Stringent reviews of applications by independent experts, and option for public involvement, providing transparency and defensibility of funding decisions
  • Detailed pre-award due diligence, contract negotiation, and post award financial administration, enabling confidence in allocation of funds
  • Rigorous milestone-driven monitoring of project progress by subject-matter experts to track progression towards deliverables.


To learn more about how we could manage your grant funding, please email gmgcommercial@lgcgroup.com