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Analytical quality training

LGC is committed to providing first-rate training courses for analytical scientists. Our successful training programme has been running for over 15 years, with delegates attending from a diverse range of sectors.

LGC is a Cogent assured provider specialising in the delivery of workforce development training. Cogent has an assured network of training providers who meet rigorous standards to ensure the highest quality provision is obtained.

Attending an LGC training course will help you meet current accreditation and regulatory requirements and give your customers confidence in the quality of your data.

Increasing regulatory and accreditation requirements have resulted in greater emphasis on method validation, evaluating measurement uncertainty and establishing the traceability of results. Our team of trainers will help you meet current quality standards by providing:

  • Courses written and delivered by expert analytical scientists ensuring up-to-date information on current accreditation and regulatory issues;
  • Best practice training for all laboratory personnel, whether working at the bench or in management;
  • Courses relevant to the laboratory environment with focus on application rather than theory
  • Comprehensive course packs; a vital reference source;
  • Seminar and workshop sessions with opportunities to practise newly acquired knowledge;
  • ‘Off-the-shelf’ and tailored training solutions, delivered at LGC Headquarters or at your site.

Courses cover topics such as quality systems, statistics, method validation and measurement uncertainty. We offer a scheduled programme of courses as well as delivering training at customer sites. Examples of our training material can be downloaded from the training resource centre.


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