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University of Cambridge - case study

The effect of IGF2 on developing gestational diabetes mellitus

Dr. Clive J. Petry et al., from the University of Cambridge, used our KASP™ genotyping chemistry to conduct research presented in the report “Associations between paternally transmitted fetal IGF2 variants and maternal circulating glucose concentrations in pregnancy” (Diabetes, 2011).

In the study, the team from the University of Cambridge reported for the first time an association between polymorphic variation in a paternally transmitted fetal gene and maternal glucose concentrations in pregnancy.

We required a solution that offered rapid sample turnaround and full sample traceability, with full application and technical support. When we outsource the service to LGC it is far more efficient, the throughput is much greater, and it’s also much more cost effective than the University of Cambridge setting up the assay for one particular polymorphism.”

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Case study: The effect of IGF2 on developing gestational diabetes mellitus