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Our business

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LGC provides reference materials, proficiency testing, genomic and analytical products and services which underpin the safety, health and security of the public for customers in the across a number of end markets including Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Food, Environment, Government and Academia.

Our vision is Science for a safer world:

  • We offer over 100,000 reference materials to analytical laboratories, as well as a range of over 40 proficiency testing schemes worldwide. This supports our customers’ quality control in the laboratory, ensuring the safety of many everyday and essential products.

  • We are the world’s largest private provider of forensic science, helping the criminal justice system through expert analysis of biological, chemical and physical samples.

  • We host two laboratory groups for the MHRA. One tests medicinal samples, taken from the market, to ensure their quality, safety and, where appropriate, compliance with their licensing requirements.  The other is the British Pharmacopoeia Commission Laboratory, responsible for work in support of the publication of the British Pharmacopoiea and maintenance of the British Pharmacopoeia Certified Reference Standards.

  • We are the UK National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute for chemical and bio-measurement, offering unparalleled expertise on matters relating to standards, regulation and global measurement challenges.

  • We test over 6,000 products and supplements each year, ensuring nutrients for athletes are safe.
  • We pride ourselves on our measurement accuracy and can identify banned substances in a ratio of one spoonful in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

  • We have a world-class bioanalytical capability with more than 50 years experience in high-integrity analytical science. Also leading capabilities in CMC, with particular specialties in materials science and a wide range of CMC analytical services.
  • We support the development of drought-resistant crops with our genomics capabilities.

  • Our Government Chemist function advises policy makers to ensure there is enforceable and effective regulation to protect consumers.