Biomarkers (LC-MS & ligand binding)

Biomarker services

Biomarkers are increasingly important in pharmaceuticals development and have a wide range of potential clinical utilities. In particular is early phase decision making as indicators of safety and efficacy. We have a wealth of experience in detection and quantitation of biomarkers in a wide variety of matrices.

Therapeutic specialities

Our therapeutic specialities include metabolic disorders (including diabetes and cardiovascular disease), inflammatory disorders (including rheumatoid arthritis), respiratory diseases (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and anti-infectives.

Our biomarker services can be adapted to your specific requirements:

  • Assay development - Feasibility assessment, establishment and development with a wide variety of analytical methodologies, species and matrices.
  • Validation - Leading expertise in helping clients develop the most appropriate strategies for validation based on the purpose of the biomarker. We validate both in-house and commercial assays to GCP or GLP standards in line with current regulations.
  • Quantification - As a measure of drug safety or efficacy, or to prove a new drug’s mechanism of action. We have the capability for small and large molecules, molecular diagnostics and cell based assays.
  • Capacity - As a pioneer in new analytical approaches and technology, LGC has invested in a broad range of analytical platforms and has one of the largest bioanalytical facilities with more than 200 scientists dedicated to drug development. This allows us to deliver a broad range biomarker solutions including the most large and complex clinical programmes.
  • Methods and instrumentation - our cutting-edge laboratories are equipped with the latest technology, including three PerkinElmer Envision plate readers enabling a broad scope of immunochemical capabilities, our LC-MS service, Gyros xP (Gyrolab™), Luminex XMap (Magpix),  MSD™, Singulex Erenna, automated clinical analysers (e.g. Immulite/Randox Daytona).
  • Flow Cytometry - We offer a range of assays to meet your pre-clinical to late phase drug development. With two Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX, 13-colour, flow cytometers we are well equipped to meet your bioanalytical needs.