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26 Mar LGC expert elected President of the Association of Official Racing Chemists

The AORC represents analytical chemists working to support medication and doping control in regulated animal sports

15 Dec Informed-Choice launches in Japan with DNS and Biohealth Research

Informed-Choice認証の日本での開始 - DNSとバイオヘルスリサーチ・リミテッドによる初認証-

30 Nov LGC expands Lexington, KY, anti-doping facility

Expansion a result of continued growth of US supplements business and anticipated expansion of US animal sports business

18 Nov LGC hosts iNADO international anti-doping conference

Conference was co-ordinated by iNADO for the world’s anti-doping community

05 Oct LGC scientists invited to international anti-doping symposium on standards and metrology

WADA and BIPM host meeting to review latest measurement science initiatives to support the fight against doping in sport

20 Jun Blood, sweat and tears: new cortisol assay developed

Novel transportable assay detects stress biomarker cortisol from ‘pin prick’ blood sample in real time