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Cyber crime - LGC Forensics advises how to fight anti-forensic tools

06 Dec 2011
Tags:  Forensic

LGC Forensics to advise delegates at SecureLondon conference on how to protect their institutions against anti-forensic tools

Clive Carmichael-Jones, expert in data security and digital crime at LGC Forensics, the UK's largest independent provider of forensic services, will advise the SecureLondon conference (on 7 December 2011) on how organisations can protect themselves from the impact of anti-forensic tools, one of the evolving cyber threats.

Under the presentation title of ‘What to do when it all goes wrong’, Clive will detail where the balance lies in the ever-evolving process of development and counter-development of forensic tools and how a balanced and holistic approach to an investigation will help to minimise the impact of anti-forensic tools targeted towards an organisation. His presentation will also cover what companies should put in place both before and after an incident to support and aid any subsequent forensic investigation. Delegates will be provided with tangible information to take back to their organisations and implement.

While the development, installation and evolution of technology within an organisation is almost inevitably a compromise between competing commercial, technical and operational constraints, the ability to produce forensic evidence is often not considered by IT departments.

Forensic investigation tools for computer systems and networks continually develop, adapt and evolve, as do the anti-forensic tools and techniques that seek to frustrate the investigation process and complicate any evidence that may be discovered.

Meeting under the theme ‘Open for Business or open for attack?’, delegates attending the SecureLondon conference will hear from leading information security, risk and protection  experts on how organisations should be protecting their information assets.

For more information on the 2011 SecureLondon conference, which is part of the ISC2 Security Leadership series and is being held on Wednesday 7 December at the KPMG Building, Canary Wharf, London, visit: