Our environment

We recognise that our business activities have an impact on the natural environment, both locally and globally. We aim to improve our environmental performance across our business including our buildings and operations, the materials we use and the environmental impact of our products and services.

Climate change

Carbon net zeroIn November 2021, we committed to be carbon net zero by 2050. By this date, LGC’s net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as a result of our business activities across the world, will be zero.

Like many organisations, our carbon footprint is complex and spans our entire business. We have undertaken extensive analysis to ensure our baseline is robust and comprehensive. This includes assessing the emissions associated with:

  • Our direct operations;
  • Our energy usage;
  • Our wider supply chain.

As illustrated by the graphic, approximately half of our emissions are associated with energy usage, with the remainder related to our wider supply chains.Our carbon footprint


Our use of energy generates nearly half our carbon footprint. A key priority is to improve efficiency and reduce resource consumption at our sites, particularly when we open new or upgrade existing facilities.

Since January 2022, the electricity used at five of our sites in Germany has been from certified renewable sources. This is in addition to using renewable electricity at our UK sites (where we are responsible for purchasing electricity).

Other aspect of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance across our sites, include:

  • Biodiversity;
  • Water usage;
  • Waste management;
  • Green chemistry;
  • Packaging.

For further details – see our latest ESG report.