Who we serve

Funds in the form of a grant, programme or other scheme enable issues for society to be addressed by people with the right expertise and understanding to generate evidence or other interventions and resolutions.

  • For government and other public funders in the UK and internationally, we provide grant scheme management services to achieve specified public benefit.
  • For charities, SMEs, angel investors and venture capitalists needing know-how and expertise in scientific evaluation to get the most out of their research funding, we are a knowledge-based service provider.
  • For life sciences, medtech and bioindustry, we understand their requirements for research collaboration and innovation. 

We manage schemes for a variety of funders including the successful outsourced public sector research programmes for the UK Government. Each scheme has different objectives and requirements, ranging from low cost, single studies, to multi-million pound investments involving complex collaborations and arrangements.

To learn more about how we could manage your scheme or other research investment, please email gmgcommercial@lgcgroup.com