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Banned substance testing in supplements

Supported by UK Sport, LGC, has pioneered a supplement testing service accredited to the ISO17025 standard.

The service assists the nutritional supplement and sports nutrition industries with process and quality control procedures and reassures customers that products are free from relevant contamination with prohibited substances. Not only are we ISO17025 accredited for this analysis, but we also have experience of testing within the framework of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Manufacturers can choose to have their tested products listed on our tested product list. We also carry out testing for Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice supplement testing programmes.

  • Test for prohibited substances – the supplement screen detects a wide range of banned anabolic steroids and stimulants including THG, nandrolone and MDMA (ecstasy)
  • Nutritional testing  analysis can be carried out for protein, carbohydrate and vitamin content, for label verification, or testing for chemical residue from manufacture
  • Fully managed – we provide logistical support for testing including secure sample storage
  • Accurate and flexible – our highly sensitive tests can detect contamination down to 10ng/g for steroids and 100ng/g for stimulants. A wide range of products including powders, liquids, gels, capsules, bars and tablets can be tested
  • Online listing – manufacturers can choose to have tested products listed on the LGC sports nutrition website directory. They may also choose to join the Informed-Choice or Informed-Sport testing programmes.


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