Microbial profiling – unlocking the potential with metagenomic control materials

Blog (ZH) - LGC scientists have shown how the development and application of control materials can assist in the interpretation of molecular microbial community profiling experiments, helping to increase the accuracy of DNA sequencing methods.

LGC moves to a new office in Shanghai

News (ZH) - LGC is pleased to announce the opening of new office in Shanghai, which will serve as its headquarters in China. The new office will replace the old office headquarters in Shanghai.

Analysis for Innovators returns for Round 5 with the NML

News (ZH) - A4I is a programme that gives UK businesses of any size access to cutting-edge RandD expertise and facilities to solve problems that they have been unable to tackle using standard technologies and techniques

New measurement centre set to open in Scotland

News (ZH) - Centre is being created as part of an ambitious, long-term collaboration between the University of Strathclyde and LGC

What is the microbiome and how can it help?

Blog (ZH) - LGC’s Denise O’Sullivan, Science Leader in Infectious Diseases within the UK National Measurement Laboratory, recently spoke with Genetic Engineering News on the latest episode of their podcast, GENcast, to discuss the role of the microbiome in human health.

Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice: Testing your favorite products for banned substances

Blog (ZH) - Last month, during Clean Sport Week, we showed Grenade around our labs that help keep athletes clean.

Newly published multi-laboratory study provides utility and validation of the use of ctDNA reference standards

Blog (ZH) - The study, “Multi-laboratory Assessment of a New Reference Material for Quality Assurance of Cell-Free Tumor DNA Measurements,” was published in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics

Genomic selection: can it accelerate livestock breeding?

Blog (ZH) - In this article, we investigate how genomic selection can now provide us with genomic information of increasing complexity, which can be utilised to evaluate polygenic traits such as feed conversion ratio, and how breeders and ranchers can leverage the latest genomic tools to meet the growing global demands on protein consumption

LGC announces VALIDATE® High Sensitive Troponin kit for easier linearity and calibration verification on Beckman Coulter DxI / Access® analyzers

News (ZH) - VALIDATE High Sensitive Troponin, for Beckman Coulter DxI / Access®, is the only linearity and calibration verification product targeting Beckman’s High Sensitivity Troponin I assay range

LGC backs third annual UK Anti-Doping Clean Sport Week

News (ZH) - This year’s campaign will celebrate clean athletes and their success, and promote the work of the anti-doping community in the fight for clean sport